For certain individuals, the comprehension of the Unborn can be deceptively facile. It remains superficial, confined to the realm of intellect, devoid of a holistic pursuit. It is akin to a contemporary Christian who possesses knowledge of Jesus but fails to penetrate the core of the transformative message of Christ, the Christos Element, whose anointment serves as the vivifying spark of the illuminative Unborn Light itself. Just as someone may mistakenly believe in their salvation solely due to the presence of Catholic patches on their shoulders, similarly, an individual enamored by a shallow and perplexing perception of the Unborn lacks the essential self-realization of the Transcendent-Event within themselves.

Rather, it is a profound and unyielding realization of immense significance that necessitates proper cultivation and Recollection, lest it becomes yet another passing fancy drifting aimlessly within an endless labyrinth of utilitarianism, offering nothing more than a fleeting sense of gratification. Intellectual comprehension may be facile, but intellectual ascent alone is inadequate; dedicating oneself to the practice of self-realization through praxis is undeniably a demanding yet infinitely rewarding endeavor.

Within this intricate tapestry, a profound faultline emerges in the form of the Alaya-receptacle, an unfathomable reservoir that houses defiled garbha images since time immemorial. Its contents transcend the confines of the present samsaric-cycle, extending into countless others, as numerous as the stars in a ten-billion fold galaxy. Yet, beneath their illusory facade lies no tangible substance, merely an enigmatic connection to an abyss without end. These manifestations lack the essence of Pure-Mind Substance (sūnya), resembling mere fleeting shadows projected upon the ever-changing facade of impermanent phenomena. These deceptive impressions arise intermittently, akin to a recurring scene in a theatrical production, attempting to portray the current reality, but ultimately a mere play of shadows. Pay them no heed, for they possess no inherent existence. Do not even label them as “delusional,” for in doing so, you inadvertently grant them power over you. Delusion signifies the torment of “thought feeding upon thought,” a ravenous frenzy that devours its prey like a school of piranhas. They will consume you only if you choose to acknowledge their existence. Let it all be, and soon they shall dissipate into the malevolent void from which they originate. Exercise caution, lest you transform the Unborn Buddha Mind into a belligerent demon. The ominous message resonates with undeniable truth: it is imperative to awaken from the slumber and reclaim the illuminating essence of the Unborn. Failing to do so will result in the perilous cycle of rebirth, condemned to traverse the realms of anguish for endless countless kalpas to come.

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