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The Four Wisdoms

28. Q: It’s stated that the eight consciousnesses are turned into the Four Wisdoms, and then the Four Wisdoms bind together forming the trikaya; which, then, of these eight states will pool together to form one Buddha-wisdom and then, which … Continue reading

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Agni and the Brahman

Masefield’s final chapter, The New Brahmin, reinforces the truth that the Buddha did not condemn Brahmanism per-se, but that rather it was brought to fulfillment in the new Atman—the arahant: The Buddhists’ criticism of the brahmin was a spiritual rather … Continue reading

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Unborn I Ching, or the Book of Transformations

In his seminal work on this ancient Chinese oracle, Inner Structure of the I Ching, Lama Govinda also refers to it as the “Book of Transformations”; he also states: This book was not written with the intention to reveal our … Continue reading

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Part-Time Bodhisattvas

From: Sumeru-Books.Com At that time, the Venerable Śāriputra thought, “The World-Honored One has just now discussed the merits of the Śrāvakas. May the Tathāgata also expound the complete merits of the Bodhisattvas. Why? Because all other merits come from them.” … Continue reading

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Contemplative Sojourn


  Greetings from the blogger here at Unborn Mind Zen It’s that annual-junction wherein my time apart from active blogging begins. Since my last contemplative sojourn a lot of new material has been blogged: the Diamond, Heart, Platform, and the … Continue reading

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