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The Four Wisdoms

28. Q: It’s stated that the eight consciousnesses are turned into the Four Wisdoms, and then the Four Wisdoms bind together forming the trikaya; which, then, of these eight states will pool together to form one Buddha-wisdom and then, which Wisdoms are then said to be the transformation into One Consciousness? A: The five senses (smell, taste, etc.) relate to the five states of consciousness thereby forming the Perfecting Wisdom. Intellect (sixth state), or the mental consciousness, becomes Read more [...]

The Yoga of Ratnasambhava

1.0 Ratnasambhava is the Matrix of the Jewel The Ratna-family houses the Jewel of the Tri-Ratna, wherein the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are the Sacred Refuge whose three-fold character Awakens, Enlightens, and Sustains the Dharma-element in sentient beings. 2.0 The Ratna-field is the adamantine foundation of the Void Absolute. Herein rests the strengthening bond that provides the supreme defense and perfection of Buddha-gnosis Once the gnosis dawns that the fundamental identity of the Read more [...]

Ratnasambhava’s Vase Empowerment

In the past, we were mind-created spiritual beings, nourished by joy. We soared through space, self-luminous and in imperishable beauty. We thus remained for long periods of time…( Aggañña-Sutta) Entranced, Ernst Schäfer fell into a subterranean mind-stupor and found himself spiraling-downwards into an unimaginable well of darkness. Twilight began to dissolve away the numbing miasma as he lay paralyzed on the bottom of some infernal cavity. Demons of the pit appeared and, lifting his Read more [...]

Ratnasambhava—the Magician of the Foundation

The two Nazis attempted to decipher the ancient text’s opening mantra:  *A YAM RAM MAM KHAM DRUM DU  {*Mantra of the Five-Elemental-Buddhas}  As they mumbled through the mantra phonetically, the Bonpos immediately recognized its significance and began to openly chant the mantra with deeply-rich and resonant guttural sounds…suddenly in the air before them there began to materialize the following mandala**: **This mandala is based-on and utilizes part of the Black Dragon-Eye Read more [...]

Ratnasambhava Rising

Today’s accompanying image reveals Ratnasambhava at the center of the action so to speak, where Vairocana or Akṣhobhya are usually depicted. They are still present here, yet in the background, as Ratnasambhava is now dominant and holding the ritual bell that is usually reserved for Akṣhobhya. He sits still, like a contented jewel; he is after all the bearer of the Trikayic Jewels of Buddhism. Ratnasambhava is usually associated with the season of autumn. The yellowish tinge in his coloration Read more [...]

The Mandala of the Five Dhyanī Buddhas

THREE: THE MAṆḌALA OF THE FIVE DHYANĪ BUDDHAS  Then the Lord discoursed upon the Five Skandhas.  “Like an infernal Black Sun nailed to the dark fabric of space, *Mara’s Malignant Five hurl- forth their accursed aggregations of the no-self:  The Demons of Form, (Rupa) crawling along like concretized-crabs leaving their sensorial impressions where’re they creep…  The Demons of Sensation (Vendana), fumbling about upon weak-perceptional limbs, judging what’re they Read more [...]

Eremitical Dhyani Meditations

Over the course of living the Lankavatarian eremitical lifestyle, I have been discerning the value of developing a type of monastic-rhythm to the day. A good rule of thumb is to pay homage to the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Their transforming energies, in particular through counteracting the five skandhas, are most helpful in generating the Bodhi Recollective Resolve. This also strengthens one’s Sambodhic-link with the Tathagatas thus continually energizing bodhicitta. I’ve discovered that being Read more [...]

High Noon: Bardo 3, Ratnasambhava

It’s been said that “High Noon”, or mid-day, highlights the Mark of Equanimity. There are no shadows. Everything is emblazoned with the same homogeneous-light. As the good book says, “His Sun shineth on both good and bad alike.” Such is the radiance of the Southern Pure-Land Realm of the Buddha Ratnasambhava. His Yellowish-Golden Hue is often equated with that aspect of High Noon. He views all sentient reality and nature under the lens of Śūnyatā—all equally devoid of Self-Substance Read more [...]
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