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This blog is a mini-study into the nature of Icons, particularly within the Eastern Orthodox tradition and sundry Buddhist traditions as well. Perhaps when one first brings to mind the image of an icon, one is immediately drawn to those Orthodox representations. Within Eastern Orthodoxy precedence is given to apophatic-theology: Our negative statement about what God cannot be embodies within itself a statement about the existence of God, affirmation of that existence lying within our apophatic Read more [...]

Ratnasambhava—the Magician of the Foundation

The two Nazis attempted to decipher the ancient text’s opening mantra:  *A YAM RAM MAM KHAM DRUM DU  {*Mantra of the Five-Elemental-Buddhas}  As they mumbled through the mantra phonetically, the Bonpos immediately recognized its significance and began to openly chant the mantra with deeply-rich and resonant guttural sounds…suddenly in the air before them there began to materialize the following mandala**: **This mandala is based-on and utilizes part of the Black Dragon-Eye Read more [...]

Eremitical Dhyani Meditations

Over the course of living the Lankavatarian eremitical lifestyle, I have been discerning the value of developing a type of monastic-rhythm to the day. A good rule of thumb is to pay homage to the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Their transforming energies, in particular through counteracting the five skandhas, are most helpful in generating the Bodhi Recollective Resolve. This also strengthens one’s Sambodhic-link with the Tathagatas thus continually energizing bodhicitta. I’ve discovered that being Read more [...]