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Vairocana’s Vajrasattva Empowerment

The power of Bodhi vs. the power of Mara is as timeworn as the Universe itself. It is the ongoing mêlée between time-bound reality and timeless-forces armed with deathlessness.  It was again fought in close-quarters within the Iron Stupa as our protagonist’s Body, Speech, and Mind—now refined as such—became the weapon that was prepared to clash with this Present Darkness as embodied in the evil agent of the Dark Lord of Agarthi. As the Black Ngagspa reached out in an attempt to exterminate Read more [...]

Amoghasiddhi’s Phurpa Empowerment

Schäfer watched nearby as the entrapped tulpa- doppelganger began to shrink-down to the size of a pinpoint which then disappeared directly into Tara verte’s Urna as she re-materialized before his mind.   Urna: the all-seeing third eye point that appears on all enlightened beings. In order to protect him from all future assaults of the evil one, Tara verte bestowed upon Schäfer the following mantric-empowerment: OM VAJRA KILIKILAYA SARVA BIGHNAN BAM HUNG PHAT Beloved, as Read more [...]

Amitabha’s Lotus and Skull-Cup Empowerment

He couldn’t believe it was happening! Not again! But sure enough, after being protected and comforted with the arrival of Pandaravasini, Schäfer found himself in a similar predicament when his body was being decapitated by the demons; but this time it involved a Wrathful-Form of Pandaravasini, as she transformed from a beautiful and enticing woman into a grotesque and terrifying shape of an angry-red Dakini who wasted no time in performing what she set-out to do. Yet, this time it was somehow Read more [...]

Akshobhya’s Vajra Empowerment

When yogins meditate and the Tathatic-deities have been invoked; when the soil of the inner-mind and spirit has been impregnated by the power of bodhi, therein the Element of Truth can be found… The inner-heat generated from the encompassing vortex of water turned Schäfer into a Crystalline Vajra-Body. Mamaki formed a Vajra-Mudra and intoned the following: “Homage to all Vajras! Wondrous ones who arise from the sphere of all Tathagatas, now Bind, Crush! Empower this adamantine Read more [...]

Ratnasambhava’s Vase Empowerment

In the past, we were mind-created spiritual beings, nourished by joy. We soared through space, self-luminous and in imperishable beauty. We thus remained for long periods of time…( Aggañña-Sutta) Entranced, Ernst Schäfer fell into a subterranean mind-stupor and found himself spiraling-downwards into an unimaginable well of darkness. Twilight began to dissolve away the numbing miasma as he lay paralyzed on the bottom of some infernal cavity. Demons of the pit appeared and, lifting his Read more [...]

Refuge and Sacred Empowerment

It is customary to approach a Sacred Tantra by invoking Spiritual Refuge and Spiritual Empowerment, both tools that help to prepare and protect the adept’s spirit/mind from all harm; procure an inner-cleansing, as well as opening the channels of discernment for Divine Union. I take Refuge in Blessed Arya Tārā in the Spirit of the Buddha as the stainless illumination of the Unborn Mind I take refuge in Blessed Arya Tārā in the Spirit of the Dharma as the Sacred Teachings of the Sugatas I Read more [...]