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Faith and enlightenment in Zen

All born things are subject to entropy. Nothing created can ever escape the critical point of its own decay and final dissolution.  This axiom is not only valid for all things around you and within your body,but also your ideas, your memories, your pain and your joys, and all your desires. All this, you perceive through your filtered present consciousness,  are but positions of the Mind, your true Mind. This verse, within and outside what you presently deem as self,  is possible at any given Read more [...]

The Zen that is quicker than lightning.

Once upon a time a good mind of the way transported its body to a supposed place of a great Mind Master,  as to inquire into the mystery of the Buddhadharma. Once its body, and main source of self-reliance, reached the peak of a high mountain, there inside a cave with no external light reaching in, the Mind Master awaited the students arrival in IT´s usual state of mahasamadhi, granting the student the karmic vision of an old withered body in a worn out robe, sitting comfortably behind Read more [...]

Contemplating the mystery – Part 3

Without true Jhana [1], the Imageless reality of Zen remains a lifeless mystery. Because it is lifeless to any worldling devoting its mind to follow images of a myriad shapes and functions, it carries no attraction to them since they refuse consciously or subconsciously be Mind-full (of its nature). What has no [force/light of] life, is empty of Truth, and what is empty of truth brings inevitably misery and suffering to the mind. Spirit [2] defiled, means birth and death, while Spirit that Read more [...]

Coming Soon: The Doctrine of Awakening

Our next series will be an exegesis of Julius Evola’s masterful work on Early Buddhism: The Doctrine of Awakening. Of special interest for Lankavatarians is his treatment of the Ariyan Spirit, one that is reinforced through a proper understanding of ascesis, one that is totally divorced from standard westernized notions of extreme mortification of the senses. For Evola, the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold path (ariyamagga) is also far and away from corrupted western misconceptions, in particular Read more [...]

Food for the Turtles

The Mystic by Tania Marie The Turtle Zhuangzi was once fishing beside the Pu River when two emissaries brought him a message from the King of Chu: “The king would like to trouble you with the control of all his realm.” Zhuangzi, holding fast to his fishing pole, without so much as turning his head, said, “I have heard there is a sacred turtle in Chu, already dead for three thousand years, which the king keeps in a bamboo chest high in his shrine. Do you think this turtle would prefer Read more [...]

On the Spirit of Awakening

Those who long to overcome the abundant miseries of mundane existence, those who wish to dispel the adversities of sentient beings, and those who yearn to experience a myriad of joys should never forsake the Spirit of Awakening. When the Spirit of Awakening has arisen, in an instant a wretch who is bound in the prison of the cycle of existence is called a Child of the Sugatas and becomes worthy of reverence in the worlds of gods and humans. From Shantideva’s Bodhicaryavatara--The Read more [...]

(41) An Alien Spirit

For those who worship the infinite creations of obstructed, alien spirits, there can only be suffering [pain, alienation, depression and despair]. Authentic Spirit is un-born, un-created, un-conceived and cannot be found in this world-realm or any other, nor can it be found within this very body or (ego)-mind that you cultivate, uphold and defend with such passion. Un-obstructed communication with Spirit is of outmost importance. For who knows your pain, in this existence, better Read more [...]

The remedy for a self-ignorant Mind

The roadblocks set up by your own mind are just you, lacking right knowledge of your own Mind. Specifically its uncreated substance with its myriad functions, and hence ability, that produces incalculable positions within an arised field of consciousness, when any condition of becoming is ripe. The most suitable remedy for such a lack of gnosis is to spend a certain amount of singular-time with your true Mind as purely Unborn. This through means of proper Pi-Kuan [1]. Biological formalities, Read more [...]

The short treatise on spiritual misidentification

That [Spirit] which considers itself human, sees itself as human, identifies it´s true self [Buddha nature] with the human body, or the given and accepted name-form of such a collection of impermanent faculties which are re-enforced by the arisen five folded skandhic consciousness, is not enlightened and can never be enlightened as long as this illusion persists. Tozen Read more [...]

Transcendent Liberation From Rebirth

4.9 The Yogin who recollects that I am their Divine Unborn Self need not fear being reborn. Being mindful that the Divine Unborn-Self is Liberation Itself is the reassurance that one’s own body-consciousness, tied to the wheel of perpetual rebirth, can now be extinguished forever. 4.10 One may enter and find refuge in my Divine Self because their being has become purified through yogic austerities that directly lead to the Self Realization of Noble Wisdom—the divine key to Liberation. Read more [...]
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