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The Five Sisters

The Samantabhadrī Discourse continues:

[Chapter 23]

Great Bodhi-Being, Listen! Because all existence is a reflection of Mind’s Perfect Actuosity, there is no need to resort to doctrinal formulation’s concerning Its already Natural Order. Yogins intuitively grasp this and come to rest in the cradle of Suchness without any sense of striving or achieving. The main realization here is to refrain from thinking and to abide simply and effortlessly like the boundless blue-sky. read more

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The Yoga of Akshobhya

1.0 Akshobhya is the Matrix of the Diamond Mind

The Akshobhya-family houses the Sacred Vajra that is the indestructible and immutable symbol of one’s own Buddha-essence. The following are highlights of its attributes: read more

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Akshobhya’s Vajra Empowerment

When yogins meditate and the Tathatic-deities have been invoked; when the soil of the inner-mind and spirit has been impregnated by the power of bodhi, therein the Element of Truth can be found… read more

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Mamaki Rising

Jeroen van Valkenburg

Mamaki raised Schäfer from his bed of sand and, taking his hand, led him into the deep recesses of Akshobhya’s domain. They arrived at a precipice over which Schäfer viewed a large waterfall that spiraled downwards into an icy blue-mist. As if lifted upon the wings of the air his body came to rest directly beneath the cascading water as its tremendous torrents rushed down and over his startled frame. Naked, his body soon became one with the powerful and incessant flow of the water and its accompanying sound that pierced him to his very core. A soothing female voice clarified that his lifeforce was becoming energized with prana (Qi) and that soon he would become part of the cosmic-ocean of mahaprana. Soon he awakened to the realization that he was not some separate and isolated persona bobbling about in the raging sea of samsara, but was indeed raised to a higher frequency of awareness (bodhipower). With this quantum-cognizance it was as if he was AT-ONE-MENT with the force of the water that at first chilled-him to the bone. Now he was able to generate great quantities of inner-heat that enhanced his inner-strength and vitality.  read more

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Akshobhya—the Magician of the Sacred Vajra

IT is neither going nor standing still
Neither static, nor dynamic
Neither substance nor nonsubstance
Neither appearance nor emptiness
The nature of all things, like space
Is without any movement.
One may call IT “space”
But IT is empty of any essence
And as such it transcends definitions
Such as real or unreal
Existent or nonexistent
Or anything else
Thus not the slightest distinction exists
Between space, the mind, and intrinsic reality
Only their designations are different
But they are unreal and false…
Savari—Mahamudra: The Quintessence of Mind and Meditation
read more

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