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A Phantom Elephant

If such errors were granted, it would not be possible to talk about the non-existence of self-substance; as the nature of reality is erroneously understood, there is something perceived where there is really no self-substance; all is indeed non-existent. When the Lanka uses the term substance, it does not denote the stuff that makes up the apparent base of the material world. It has more significant value as an esoteric-metaphor reflecting the unconditioned Mind. The real-stuff of the Mind-set Read more [...]

Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

The Universal Worthy-One Bodhisattva Samantabhadra arose from his seat in the sacred assembly, bowed and then prostrated himself at the feet of the Tathagata and then circumambulated about him three times to the right. He then knelt down and with hands clasped in a manner depicting sublime devotion, invoked the Blessed One. “Most Highly Compassionate One! For the sake of both the assembled Bodhisattvas and all sentient beings entrapped in this degenerate age who practice the Great Vehicle, Read more [...]

The Prostitute and the Buddha’s Hidden Organ

Finally, the Blessed One led Ananda and, walking in space, came to the debate hall. The Buddha took a seat and briefly taught about suffering, emptiness, Impermanence, and the perfections (paramila) to the assembly, but the women did not accept [his teaching]. Among the group of women, a prostitute, lovable (Keai) by name, said to the women: "The ascetic Gautama has no desire by nature, and people say that he is impotent. That is why he denounces desire in public. If his bodily pans are complete, Read more [...]

Akshobhya—the Magician of the Sacred Vajra

IT is neither going nor standing still Neither static, nor dynamic Neither substance nor nonsubstance Neither appearance nor emptiness The nature of all things, like space Is without any movement. One may call IT “space” But IT is empty of any essence And as such it transcends definitions Such as real or unreal Existent or nonexistent Or anything else Thus not the slightest distinction exists Between space, the mind, and intrinsic reality Only their designations Read more [...]