The Five Sisters

The Samantabhadrī Discourse continues:

[Chapter 23]

Great Bodhi-Being, Listen! Because all existence is a reflection of Mind’s Perfect Actuosity, there is no need to resort to doctrinal formulation’s concerning Its already Natural Order. Yogins intuitively grasp this and come to rest in the cradle of Suchness without any sense of striving or achieving. The main realization here is to refrain from thinking and to abide simply and effortlessly like the boundless blue-sky.

[Chapter 24]

When the Yogins abide in the Dharmakaya Dimension, they transcend all dualisms tied to objective and subjective conceptualizing and thus sever any ties to perpetual re-becoming. When they abide in the Sambhogakaya Dimension, they partake in the Joy of Suchness and subsist in the perfect endowment of Mindful Enjoyment freed from all fetters. When abiding in the Nirmanakaya Dimension, they partake in corporeal associations designed to free sentitalia in whatever form is necessary to break the spell of being bound to the three times and thus subsequent karmic consequences.

[*Chapter 25 makes reference to the five cohorts of the Dhyani Buddhas, designated here as the Five Sisters. For a full account of these primordial correlations and their associative-link with the Five Elements, read from the Blog-Series, Notes from the Iron Stupa.]

For those who have not understood for untold kalpas that their own mind is the Teacher of all discourse, I will now manifest to them AS TEACHER through the following five-fold teaching:

From the Mind of Perfect Actuosity comes forth the Five Primordial Elementals as the function of this actuation. These Elementals manifest themselves as the Five Cohorts of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, or My Five Sisters.

Lochana is representative of the Foundation or Earth Elemental which transcends all words and letters. She is the Great Matriarch of the Rata-Family and is the consort of the Dhyani-Buddha Ratnasambhava, whose image silently rests at the top. She also represents Bodhicitta that is the Dharmakayic Element in Mind’s Self-Development. Meditation with her assures centeredness in mind with the resolute strength of an Iron Mountain. This groundedness will erase all adventitious defilement.

Mamaki is representative of the Elemental Water and transcends all words and letters. She is also the great Matriarch of the Vajra-Family and is the consort of Dhyani-Buddha Akshobhya, whose image silently rests at the top. Her energizing Principle (force of Water) is also akin with raising the kundalini-energizing force of the naga aspect. Meditation with her submerges the three-poisons, dissolving their influence through peaceful, inner-flowing rivers whose mystic-waters are channeled throughout the environs of the psyche.

Pandaravasini is representative of the Elemental Fire and also transcends all words and letters. She is the great Matriarch of the Padma-Family and is the consort of the Dhyani-Buddha Amitabha. Her color and aura is Rose-Red as she cradles a pink Lotus—that symbolizes great spiritual un-foldment.  Below her all-encompassing Lotus-Bud is a Skull-Bowl, exemplifying an element of wondrous alchemical-transfiguration. At her side is the flaming-phoenix that embodies fire and spiritual transformation; this mystical-bird always arises again and again from its own self-cremation—it is the epitome of Spiritual-Renewal and Rejuvenation that, without fail, rises from the ashes of samsara.

Tara-verte is representative of the Elemental Wind which also transcends all words and letters. She is the Great Matriarch of the Karma Family and is the consort of the Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi. She holds the Double-Vajra (Viśvavajra), which signifies All-Accomplishing Spiritual Equilibrium. Meditating in front of her gentle image will envelop one (in a mystical, emerald-green-ambience) with that All-Accomplishing Spiritual Equilibrium; the slight-ringing of her vajra-bell will-whisper you sweet peace and blessings untold.

White Tara is representative of the Elemental Sky which also transcends all words and letters. The Wisdom of Absolute Truth is embodied in Blessed White Tara and as such embodies the Wisdom of the Dharmadhatu. This Divine Mother of Infinite Space descends in order to administer Vairocana’s Dharma-Blessing, a Blessing that is in the form of Holy Wisdom, which is always feminine in nature. It’s as if the One, Primordial Amala-Consciousness, has made a descent from Infinite Boundlessness in order to dissipate its Luminous Light into the very opacity of the divided psyche, thus reuniting it with its Undivided and Elemental Unborn Source. Indeed, Vairocana Buddha and his consort White Tara are the Illuminators—radiating the unadulterated Clear Light of the Unborn Mind, thus transforming scattered and samsaric time-bound consciousness into the timeless Amala-consciousness of the One and Absolute.

Remember, My children, I am always present in you as you are in Me.  These Five Sisters teach that My Supreme Actuation are in actuality five aspects of My Own True Nature, thus you ought to have confidence in these truths. They already ARE Self-Actualized in your own Beingness That is My Own. Celebrate this realization!

Thus Spoke Samantabhadrī

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