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Diamond-hard Compactness

iii. 46-49 Spirit-Body Ascending

3.46 The Diamond Body has an adamantine hue that harnesses strength.

As the yogin steadily advances in practice, each cell of the body is refined in the fire of spiritual-perfection. The yogin’s body is now a “spiritual-one”, adamantine—as hard as a diamond—the Diamond-Mind-Spirit-Body. This Body yields to no-thing whatsoever in the created order of existence; as written elsewhere within these blogs: read more

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Ratnasambhava Rising

Today’s accompanying image reveals Ratnasambhava at the center of the action so to speak, where Vairocana or Akṣhobhya are usually depicted. They are still present here, yet in the background, as Ratnasambhava is now dominant and holding the ritual bell that is usually reserved for Akṣhobhya. He sits still, like a contented jewel; he is after all the bearer of the Trikayic Jewels of Buddhism. read more

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Amoghasiddhi’s Key

As was mentioned in our previous blog, Amoghasiddhi rises to the occasion and releases (like that figure of a coiled snake in the base, or root chakra) the Sambodhic-juice that sparks all the other chakras and is always successful in his mission; this is why he is known as the All-Accomplishing Wisdom. Breaking this down even deeper: read more

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Coming Soon: The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead

An evolving work based on a triadic marriage between Daoism, the Sacred Tantra, and Unborn Mind Zen. Its scope? Life is one big Bardo experience…an endless repetition of “in-between” states (six bardo realms) of differentiating consciousness circling round and round the True Body of Reality and Kingdom of the undivided-self: the Dharmakaya. The impetus within the Lankavatarian Book of the Dead is to forever erase the fundamental error, the error that lies in always differentiating the images…the endless flow of perceptions that emanate from within your own mind; perceiving the images to be real the clouded mind misses the markless mark of the clear light of the Dharmakaya. One needs to learn to drink freely from the elixir of Primordial Bodhi in order to break the spell of the diseased differentiating consciousness, one that always metastasizes into sentient forms within the six realms of samsara. read more

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