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New Novel Publication

Our newest publication, The Unborn Odyssey: A Novel, is out now and is available for sale at Amazon:

https://www.amazon.com/Unborn-Odyssey-Novel-Vajragoni-Bodhi/dp/B0CMJHB35J read more

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Adieu 2019

It’s been quite an eventful year. I recollect writing about my father during the series, Journey to the Center of the Mind, how he was diagnosed with rectal cancer. After a few months of enduring endless anguish he died on Thanksgiving night, November 28th. My mother died soon after from complications associated with the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease on December 18th. Needless to say this was a lot to have to undergo for myself and my brother and sister, something that will be revisited again in the spring since burial is impossible here in upstate NY during the winter months as the ground is frozen solid, especially with the harsh wintry conditions already being endured during this December. Somehow through it all I experienced an ever abiding inner-strength to sustain me. The Unborn path is indeed very strengthening for the spirit and it is always the case that It helps to sustain one’s energies, even during the ongoing onslaught of samsara, somehow making one even stronger during that process. read more

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Contemplative Sojourn IV

Robert Masla Studios

Greetings from Vajragoni here at Unborn Mind Zen.

Once again it’s that annual-junction wherein my time apart from active blogging begins. Since last August in arriving back from Contemplative Sojourn III many new installments have been added over the course of this last season. Our most recent series, The Secret Golden Light of the Unborn, involved a re-visioning of the mystical-spiritual technique of turning-around-the light. Prior to that a series was offered on a sutra pertaining to Akshobhya’s Pure Land. An in-depth series on Māra and Satan was undertaken, a scholarly approach utilizing James W. Boyd’s excellent 1975 work, Satan and Māra: Christian and Buddhist Symbols of Evil, along with Robert Warren Clark’s excellent Dissertation, Māra: Psychopathology and Evil in the Buddhism of India and Tibet, which was also utilized in the series. At the turning of the New Year a three-fold series on selections from the Mahāratnakūṭa Sūtra began, initiated by the familiar Lion’s Roar of Queen Śrīmālā, followed by Mañjuśrī Teaches Prajñāpāramitā and culminating in the aforementioned The Dharma-Door of Praising Tathagāta Akṣhobhya’s Merits (a Sutra on Akshobhya’s Pure Land). Along with the Lion’s Roar of Queen Śrīmālā, another major Doctrinal Text, the very familiar Mahāyāna, The Awakening of Faith series was presented during the month of December. At the beginning of November a series on Zen Master Bassui, Mud and Water: Bassui Zen was offered. October was spent studying Julius Evola’s masterful work, The Doctrine of Awakening. read more

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Contemplative Sojourn

Greetings from the blogger here at Unborn Mind Zen

It’s that annual-junction wherein my time apart from active blogging begins. Since my last contemplative sojourn a lot of new material has been blogged: the Diamond, Heart, Platform, and the Surangama Sutras have been covered. Series on the Zen Masters Huang Po and Bankei have been offered, along with the beginning of a perpetual-series on the Wisdom from the Masters. Teachings from Tozen have been added as well. This last blogging-season began last August with a singular series entitled, “The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead”, exploring in-depth the nature of the six “Bardo Realms” that also encapsulated a breakdown of the Five Wisdom Tathāgatas, or the Five Dhyani Buddhas; this provided a foundation for the Noble Ascent through the Ten Tathatic-stages of Mind Development, designed to better help navigate the final Bardo-stages of the Dharmatā thus avoiding the latter stages of Re-becoming or Rebirth. read more

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Coming Soon: The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead

An evolving work based on a triadic marriage between Daoism, the Sacred Tantra, and Unborn Mind Zen. Its scope? Life is one big Bardo experience…an endless repetition of “in-between” states (six bardo realms) of differentiating consciousness circling round and round the True Body of Reality and Kingdom of the undivided-self: the Dharmakaya. The impetus within the Lankavatarian Book of the Dead is to forever erase the fundamental error, the error that lies in always differentiating the images…the endless flow of perceptions that emanate from within your own mind; perceiving the images to be real the clouded mind misses the markless mark of the clear light of the Dharmakaya. One needs to learn to drink freely from the elixir of Primordial Bodhi in order to break the spell of the diseased differentiating consciousness, one that always metastasizes into sentient forms within the six realms of samsara. read more

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