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Adieu 2019

It’s been quite an eventful year. I recollect writing about my father during the series, Journey to the Center of the Mind, how he was diagnosed with rectal cancer. After a few months of enduring endless anguish he died on Thanksgiving night, November 28th. My mother died soon after from complications associated with the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease on December 18th. Needless to say this was a lot to have to undergo for myself and my brother and sister, something that will be revisited again in the spring since burial is impossible here in upstate NY during the winter months as the ground is frozen solid, especially with the harsh wintry conditions already being endured during this December. Somehow through it all I experienced an ever abiding inner-strength to sustain me. The Unborn path is indeed very strengthening for the spirit and it is always the case that It helps to sustain one’s energies, even during the ongoing onslaught of samsara, somehow making one even stronger during that process. read more

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