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Preliminary Reflection: The Surangama Sutra

Cultivation of the Bodhi-mind is impossible without having a Sambodhic-Spirit that is first nurtured through Deep Samadhis; likewise Samadhis never reaches maturity without determined penetration through layers of accumulated habit energy leaking incessantly from the Alaya-receptacle. The Surangama Sutra is a Mind-manual that best delineates the process wherein both cultivation and Samadhi are procured and then employed to mine the Prajña-storehouse of Noble Wisdom. The procurement is initiated Read more [...]

Review of Bardo Realm Three

For a Lankavatarian, of all the Bardo (in-between stages of transition from one stage of awareness to another) Stages we’ve encountered in this series, Bardo Three—the realm of meditation and Deep Samadhis—holds the highest significance. The longest of our investigation, it needs to be turned to again and again and its components need to be studied and practiced with the utmost faith and diligence. Why? Because all these Bardo stages are really a Mind Voyage—Mind coming to the full self-realization Read more [...]

Mystery Tour Revisited: Bardo 3, Deep Samadhi Intro

I was amazed and so pleased that the Beatles film, Magical Mystery Tour, has now been fully digitized and released anew. For years since its inception, way back in 1967, there have only been some bootleg copies circulating around with such a low quality that it was barely watchable. It’s interesting how the arrival of this Mystery Tour DVD in tomorrow’s mail synchronistically coincides with what this Bardo series will be focusing on next—the Deep Samadhi section of Bardo 3. As our study Read more [...]
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