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The Sacrifice is the Thing

Vedic Origins of the Karmic Doctrine and Rebirth Before becoming a doctrinal formulation in the early Upanisads, karma had its antecedent roots in ancient Vedic ritual constructions: The word Karman (from which the term Karma is derived) in the pre-Upanisadic literature means any religious act or rite (as sacrifice, oblation etc. especially as originating in the hope of future recompense and as opposed to any speculative religion or knowledge of spirit). The word Karman occurs about forty Read more [...]

Agni and the Brahman

Masefield’s final chapter, The New Brahmin, reinforces the truth that the Buddha did not condemn Brahmanism per-se, but that rather it was brought to fulfillment in the new Atman—the arahant: The Buddhists' criticism of the brahmin was a spiritual rather than a social criticism and in claiming that the arahant* was the true brahmin*, on a par with the ṛṣis of olden times, they were advocating a reform, a return to the conservatism of the past, rather than an innovation. (Masefield, pg. Read more [...]