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A Lion’s Earring

Chapter Seven is a vast potpourri covering more ethical and proper propriety (right choice of meat and wine) issues for both monks and laity, but the real meat of this interval revolves around the Nature of the Tathagata, in particular in terms of permanency, spectacular prowess at transformational abilities, and how nirvanic Tathagatahood constitutes liberation. The Yamamoto-Page translation lumps them altogether as one-chapter, whereas the Blum translation (wisely so) bifurcates them into separate bodies. We have chosen the course of the latter and will subdivide the seventh chapter into two parts. read more

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The Land of Wonderful Joy

At that time, Śāriputra said to the Buddha, “World-Honored One, the Buddha has explained the merits acquired by Tathāgata Akhobhya when he was cultivating the Bodhisattva practices. I hope that the World-Honored One will reveal and elaborate on the merits and magnificence of the present land of Tathāgata Akhobhya. read more

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4. The Reluctance of the Bodhisattvas, cont’d

After a whole host of disciples and the greatest super-hero of the Bodhisattvas, Maitreya, were reluctant to go and visit Vimalakriti, the Buddha—perhaps wondering just who is left—turns to the young Licchavi Prabhavyuha, a boy. Perhaps the innocence of youth is willing to undertake this daunting task…but alas, the young lad, too, apparently lacks the skill necessary to be up to the task. read more

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