(16) Intelligence


As long as your Mind is equated and locked within the brain, its intelligence is limited to the karmic predisposition’s of this brain with all the effects this have on ones spiritual health in an environment
of constant uncertainty (samsara).

Sure, one might say that this person is way more intelligent than the other and thus more fortunate, but a high or even extreme intelligence is never a guarantee for a happy or even satisfying life. The history of man is most certainly filled with tall tales of very intelligent beings living very miserable lives and meeting very unhappy fates.

True and pure Intelligence, undefiled by the limiting factors of the body consciousness (where the brain is but one main factor), is immeasurable, unfathomable, blissful, noble and beyond any human conceptualization.

As I am speaking this message, I am fully aware of the limiting faculties the brain of my body has on the message. I am also aware this is due to the karmic predisposition’s of this body and not my true nature, which is not this body nor its continuously changing consciousness. When I reside purely in the true nature of my spirit which is not separated from the Unborn Mind, the power of the unlimited light found in this body, is indeed seen as unlimited intelligence,  which in its pure form is purely creative. Without its presence you would not be able to take one single step, perceive one single thing or produce one single thought. To the born mind, this great intelligence, or nous as once known in ancient Greece, is sensed as intuition because it acts out before thought. In ancient Japan, the fearless and precise sword of no-mind or no-thought was indeed the ultimate apex of a samurai training. The best poetry, music and painting come from this free flowing force known to man as pure intuition.

How can the awesome light of a sun ever be compared to a single light bulb? It should be clear to you by now that your present intelligence compared to that which your spirit truly possesses within itself, is without doubt irrelevant to your own self-nature.

To seek knowledge of the world, is to seek knowledge that ensures the survival and hence continuation of the body consciousness in one form or another. To pursue the noble wisdom of that which cannot be measured or categorized in any form, is the path that inevitably leads to the deathless body of right knowledge and right release.

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