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Neither Birth Nor Death

The Natural poise of the Unborn Mind knows neither birth nor death. Between the two of them, it makes no difference as the Unborn Self-nature will remain the same–deathless. This Great Perfection cannot be altered nor shaped since It is immeasurable and boundless. Where’ere It may be It leaves no trail behind bearing distinguishing marks. Movement It has none yet It appears to be moving towards no direction in particular. It never dominates yet is dominant in all situations. Of darkness and light It knows not yet It is a living flame illuminating the darkness of its own dominion. Just be present to these realizations and eventually become stabilized in It. That is the only qualifiable form of meditation. Don’t expect anything–this is the best way of avoiding trouble. Only This and No-Way else. read more

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(36) A Timeless Lesson

A perfect teaching cannot ever be spoken, yet the great Buddha, once awakened fully [to the principle], while holding a firm position within the luminous root of bodhi, moved his mouth and smiled, offering us direct entrance into this marvelous principle of right knowledge and right release, available still today, twenty-five hundred years after his unparalleled enlightenment. read more

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(33) Faster than the Speed of Light

Today, many believe the Buddha is found in their brain
and not in the imageless and instantaneous noble wisdom
of complete self-recollection and self-gnosis, residing
unanimously and all-present in their hearts. read more

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(29) Sorrow

In samsara it is not possible for “some-thing” to meet “another-thing” without
final separation. What observes this encounter and separation is the very mind
creating and holding on to the feeling, of loss, due to the seductive process of
life. read more

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(20) The Valley of the Dead

It was not that long ago that your spirit decided to partake in a magical mystery tour through the land of the living dead… read more

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(16) Intelligence

As long as your Mind is equated and locked within the brain, its intelligence is limited to the karmic predisposition’s of this brain with all the effects this have on ones spiritual health in an environment
of constant uncertainty (samsara). read more

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The Deathless

Not knowing the Way of Deathlessness,
What use is there to quieten the mind.

The Bodhisattva develops the fine-art of Smṛti and thus turns-about from the Moving Principle by Recollecting the Animating Impetus that is at the Very Heart of Suchness. The Bodhi-minded one does not move an inch in samsara. He now employs only the Mantle of Deathlessness. If Smṛti should ever be lost, one loses the Deathless Principle, but whoever rightfully employs it will continue to have the Deathless as one’s constant companion. Trying to engage in any form of meditation technique without first employing Smṛti will never quieten the anxious mind that is still held spellbound by the bewitching influences of the raging vijñānas. By faithfully attuning oneself to it one will never be distracted again by the demon monkey-psyche. Once kissed by the Deathless Sound (Parato ghosa), there is no turning back for the Bodhisattva. She’s now come face to face with deathlessness and is perfumed with IT’s markless-mark. There is no longer any need to employ lesser vehicles to quieten the mind, for her own Bodhi-gnosis is now complete and unexcelled. Pure, unadulterated, Imageless Tathata; indeed, to paraphrase a familiar spiritual adage, “And I live, now not I, but the Deathless Unborn Spirit liveth in me.” read more

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Homage to the Shining Ones

Who are you?
Who really knows you?
No one of this world truly knows you.
No one, except your own true self.
Where is your true self?
A spiritually endowed mind of promising light,
sufficiently attuned to this jewel,
without the slightest doubt or obstruction,
jumps up and points to the moon,
or raises an eye brow of good understanding,
proving the principle of his true nature
being vividly dynamic, and a boundless source of
any and all life without the slightest effort.
If you still are seeking your self, remember;
Not things, not the absence of things,
Not your body, nor the omission of your body;
but the Imageless, Unborn Mind is your true self. read more

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Tozen: What is Zen that never ceases to shine?

It is Mind Only singing an everlasting song of suchness. To some it goes up; to others it goes down; and then again to some, it is as it is, which is more than enough. read more

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Tozen: Dharma from the other shore…3

Master, please explain the difference between Enlightenment and practice [of it],…and the difference between Prajna and Prana?” read more

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