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Emperor WU´s Memorial Stele of Bodhidharma

On the north side and lower flank of the Bear Ear Mountain in Luoyang there is an old stupa. This is Bodhidharma´s burial stupa. [1] Some 100 meters away from the stupa is a Temple known as Kong Xiang (literally means 'empty appearance' but also 'empty chamber' ). [2] Between the front gate and the distant hall you find four stone monuments sticking out from the ground. One of them (the 1st one) is a copy of a memorial stele purportedly composed by Emperor Wu to commemorate Bodhidharma´s Read more [...]

Tozen: Dharma from the other shore…3

  Master, please explain the difference between Enlightenment and practice [of it],...and the difference between Prajna and Prana?" "I am busy doing exactly that! Don´t you have eyes and ears? "What do you mean?" " The hand cuts, and the tree bows back in gratitude of its release! [shouts happily] Oh wondrous dharma!" "How can cutting that bonsai tree, explain all of these four fundamental pillars of the Dharma? I simply do not understand." Slaps the student hard over Read more [...]

Bodhidharma’s teacher, Prajnatara

The following is a recent Tozen teaching on Bodhidharma's Teacher, Prajnatara: "In Chinese and Japanese Zen history, Prajnatara is depicted as a man. But there is strong evidence that Prajnataraactually was a woman, a great Mahayana yogini from southern India (Kerala) whom had no problems demonstrating the power and true light of Mahayana. (This is btw shown in the movie by her direct exorcism of a powerful demon possessing the mind of King Simhavarman of the Pallava dynasty and father of Read more [...]