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The Avatamsaka Saga

The Gandavyūha-sūtra is the final segment in the larger Avatamsaka portrait. The Avatamsaka is the most prominent scripture in the Hua-yen. Colossal in scope, bold in execution, and incomparable in terms of evocative, even psychedelic imagery, the Avatamsaka is like going on an acid-trip without the acid. The actual full-Sanskrit title is Buddhāvatamsaka-mahāvaipulya-sūtra. According to the Hua-yen tradition the Sutra was actually taught by the Buddha himself, believing it to be the only Read more [...]

Entry into the Dharmadhātu

Our next series (beginning in November) will be focusing on a sutra which is the final chapter of the much larger-one, none-other than the majestic Avataṃsaka Sūtra, commonly known as the Flower Ornament Sutra. The Gandavyūha-sūtra is the climax of this marvelous Hua-yen text and highlights the following: The Gandavyūha-sūtra is one of the great sacred scriptures of Mahāyāna Buddhism, widely known and deeply revered throughout the Buddhist world. Sometimes regarded as the Buddhist counterpart Read more [...]

Indra’s Net

When all mind-discriminations cease, The Unborn shines with no-thing arising nor cessating. Subjective allusions vanish as objective patterns subside, Thus the two dissolve-away in deep quiescence. The object is married with the subject, They are eternally bonded. Their ongoing relativity knows no bounds, Yet their union is enkindled in the net of emptiness. Intimations from the Avatamsaka Sutra:  “FAR AWAY IN THE HEAVENLY ABODE OF THE GREAT GOD INDRA, THERE IS A WONDERFUL Read more [...]

Tozen: Dharma from the other shore…3

  Master, please explain the difference between Enlightenment and practice [of it],...and the difference between Prajna and Prana?" "I am busy doing exactly that! Don´t you have eyes and ears? "What do you mean?" " The hand cuts, and the tree bows back in gratitude of its release! [shouts happily] Oh wondrous dharma!" "How can cutting that bonsai tree, explain all of these four fundamental pillars of the Dharma? I simply do not understand." Slaps the student hard over Read more [...]