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The Avatamsaka Saga

The Gandavyūha-sūtra is the final segment in the larger Avatamsaka portrait. The Avatamsaka is the most prominent scripture in the Hua-yen. Colossal in scope, bold in execution, and incomparable in terms of evocative, even psychedelic imagery, the Avatamsaka is like going on an acid-trip without the acid. The actual full-Sanskrit title is Buddhāvatamsaka-mahāvaipulya-sūtra. According to the Hua-yen tradition the Sutra was actually taught by the Buddha himself, believing it to be the only authentic expression of the Buddha’s Enlightenment. While still sitting beneath the Bodhi-Tree it is said that the Buddha partook in the Sagaramudrasamadhi (Ocean-Seal-Samadhiand afterwards spoke the Truth of the Avatamsaka, or the direct-expression of the Dharmadhātu to Bodhisattvas and Devas, Nagas, and others who were in attendance from the ten-directions of the Cosmos. According to legend the actual sūtra was obtained from the Ancient Naga Palace by Nāgārjuna. Its authorship has been widely contested, yet it is obvious that this superb and voluminous text could not have been written solely by one person alone. Yea, its unsurpassed wisdom indicates that its source could only have come from the inspirations of the Primordials themselves. The following is an inspired snapshot of a Primordial holding the blessed Bodhi-seed: read more

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