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Universal Brightness

Universal Brightness Chinul's “second-awakening” involved his fusion with Hwaŏm (Hua-yen Buddhism): I had always had doubts about the approach to entering into awakening in the Hwaŏm teachings: what, finally, did it involve? Accordingly, I decided to question a [Hwaŏm] lecturer. He replied, "You must contemplate the unimpeded interpenetration of all phenomena." He entreated me further: "If you merely contemplate your own mind and do not contemplate the unimpeded interfusion of all Read more [...]

Facing in all Directions

Maitrayani Sudhana gradually made his way to the city Simhavijurmbhita, looking for the girl Maitrayani. Maitrayani is the princess daughter of King Simhaketu (also known as Lion Banner). He was told, "The girl Maitrayani, daughter of the rajah Simhaketu, with a retinue of five hundred girls, is up on the roof of a palace of radiant jewels, sitting on a seat set on sandalwood legs and draped with nets of strings of jewels and arrayed with celestial cloth, expounding spiritual teaching." Read more [...]

Indra’s Net

When all mind-discriminations cease, The Unborn shines with no-thing arising nor cessating. Subjective allusions vanish as objective patterns subside, Thus the two dissolve-away in deep quiescence. The object is married with the subject, They are eternally bonded. Their ongoing relativity knows no bounds, Yet their union is enkindled in the net of emptiness. Intimations from the Avatamsaka Sutra:  “FAR AWAY IN THE HEAVENLY ABODE OF THE GREAT GOD INDRA, THERE IS A WONDERFUL Read more [...]