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The Destruction of Screens

The Destruction of  Screens: A man who humbly enters on the path Holds a begging bowl to help all beings How can he crave for those sense data Through which he falls into five passions? He has rejected five desires On which he now has turned his back. Why should he then revive them Like one who eats his vomit! Hardship is caused by seeking objects of Desire which are a source of dread when won; When lost, they create grief and resentment, ' ~ None of them ever can bring happiness~; This Read more [...]

Homage to the Shining Ones

Who are you? Who really knows you? No one of this world truly knows you. No one, except your own true self. Where is your true self? A spiritually endowed mind of promising light, sufficiently attuned to this jewel, without the slightest doubt or obstruction, jumps up and points to the moon, or raises an eye brow of good understanding, proving the principle of his true nature being vividly dynamic, and a boundless source of any and all life without the slightest effort. If you still Read more [...]

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

In synchronistic fashion with our present series, a new art exhibit portrays the vast tradition of Yoga "Yoga is a global phenomenon practiced by millions of people seeking spiritual insight and better health. Few, however, are aware of yoga's dynamic history. Opening this fall at the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery isYoga: The Art of Transformation, the world's first exhibition of yogic art. Temple sculptures, devotional icons, vibrant manuscripts, and court paintings created in India Read more [...]

A Tozen Parable: The sage and the money changer

  Once a great Zen Master stopped by a money changers shop and asked for a good deal on some foreign coins. The money changer eager to make a fast profit by acts of deceit, regretted his first impulse and bowed deeply. He asked; "Master, I know I serve the lowliest of trades, one that most probably will send me to the unbearable hells of hungry ghosts, but please, I ask you, what do you see in this wretched soul, that in its heart, desires to find the path you walk so effortlessly?" The Read more [...]

Tozen: The great mystery of the everlasting

The great mystery of the everlasting What is everlasting is healing to the soul. Nothing made by sentient beings or offered by sentient beings, has an everlasting value. Pursuing, what is not everlasting, is a cause to great suffering. The mind seeking the everlasting, should turn completely into itself as One and not two. It is after all its birthright which no-one, Demon or god can claim. If this happens for even a split second, there is the samadhic bliss of right view. In Read more [...]


30. “If you now set about using your minds to seek Mind, listening to the teaching of others, and hoping to reach the goal through mere learning, when will you ever succeed? Some of the ancients had sharp minds; they no sooner heard the Doctrine proclaimed than they hastened to discard all learning. So they were called 'Sages who, abandoning learning, have come to rest in spontaneity'.1 In these days people only seek to stuff themselves with knowledge and deductions, seeking everywhere for Read more [...]