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(5) The Black Dragon

When the birdcage is open and the illusion of the false bird dies the virtuous one recollects the unborn essence. Transcending the sensory addicted mind, finding the gateless gate to its original source of perfection. This is a black dragon's greatest quality and truth No delusion to reject, no things to transcend What battle can find nourishment in such an un-transforming mind? All things equal and thus sunyata, True nature luminous and vast, obstructive notions of closed or open Read more [...]

The Muni

2.54 Arjuna addressed the Blessed One, “O’ Lord, what is the transcendent sign that we may recognize someone who is always in deep-samādhis? What would be the signs in his speech, his silent gaze, and in his movements that would attest to this Noble recognition?  2.55 Arjuna, when all sensate desires have shriveled-up; when the yogin is wholly content in the Unborn-Self alone; rest assured that he/she has reached the summit of Noble Self-Perfection.  Resting serenely in the stillness Read more [...]

Tozen: The Spirit of Zen Buddhism

  The Zen Master wanders the temple yard, while slowly waving a paper fan against his face under the hot summer sun. A monk approaches fast]. "Yes, Master?" "It is a hot day, and all beings suffer the sun of ignorance. Thus, we need to cool ourselves in the brilliant light of the dharma for a while before night falls. Let’s discuss the undisputable teaching of Bodhidharma. Feel free and present the basic principle of his dharma to me." "Master, this is what I know so far about Read more [...]

A Tozen Parable: The sage and the money changer

  Once a great Zen Master stopped by a money changers shop and asked for a good deal on some foreign coins. The money changer eager to make a fast profit by acts of deceit, regretted his first impulse and bowed deeply. He asked; "Master, I know I serve the lowliest of trades, one that most probably will send me to the unbearable hells of hungry ghosts, but please, I ask you, what do you see in this wretched soul, that in its heart, desires to find the path you walk so effortlessly?" The Read more [...]