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The sequence used in this series is to firstly place the text, followed by Śaṅkara’s commentary, and then subsequently a commentary in Light of the Unborn. The main translation used will be by Swami Nikhilananda, unless otherwise noted. read more

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The Moon Parable

The Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra makes excellent use of parables in order to construct analogies as to the True Buddha Nature. The Moon Parable stands out in analogizing how the cycles of the Moon reflect the perennial nature of the Tathagata. read more

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Absolute Faith

Enter into IT with full accord,
In this fashion, the twin Iron Mountains will not hem you in.
Simply saying, “Not-Two”, all things are resolved in the Unborn.
Everything is now perfectly accommodated. read more

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Homage to the Shining Ones

Who are you?
Who really knows you?
No one of this world truly knows you.
No one, except your own true self.
Where is your true self?
A spiritually endowed mind of promising light,
sufficiently attuned to this jewel,
without the slightest doubt or obstruction,
jumps up and points to the moon,
or raises an eye brow of good understanding,
proving the principle of his true nature
being vividly dynamic, and a boundless source of
any and all life without the slightest effort.
If you still are seeking your self, remember;
Not things, not the absence of things,
Not your body, nor the omission of your body;
but the Imageless, Unborn Mind is your true self. read more

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