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(18) Now

You are in truth, pure light. No more, no less. The only reality of this light is NOW and nothing else. Do not mistake this, NOW, to be the temporal moments of your body-consciousness, for its true nature eludes the three times of the evil one. This NOW and this light knows no time and hence no birth or death. All the treasures and all the wisdom of what your true nature contains are solely found in this light for you are beyond all doubt, this light and this light is the true you, Read more [...]

(14) An Auspicious Mirror

Your true nature is an auspicious light. Your body is but one of its many creations. And yet, it can become a sleeping giant unaware of itself, ensnared by the apparent beauty or ugliness of its creations; an inversion of light that divides itself within the prism of the skandhas, thus forgetting the true power and nature of its own self. In one single thought the Mind of your spirit creates a thousand dharma realities and a myriad dharmas within these realities. It also can create that Read more [...]

The last great gap of Hakuin´s log bridge

There is only Unborn Mind. In Zen, as originally taught by the shining ones, this Mind is everything in terms of absolute reality, and no-thing in terms of illusion. It is people who believe the opposite that suffers. The wise students of the way, that understand and fully accept this auspicious fact professed by all Buddhas since beginningless time, uses it to transcend the confines of their corporeal body-consciousness and the illusory world linked to it. The leverage used here for said Read more [...]

Tozen: The path of a good zen-buddhist

  The path of a good zen-buddhist demands an equal measure of grit, talent and luck. Without the hard introductory work and basics of making the monkey mind go quiescent, we will not be able to notice the essence of the most sublime and subtle dharma within us. Without talent (based on knowledge derived from the grit from previous lives) we will not be able to know what to do with that which we have before us. Much like a poor beggar holding a piece of mud-covered gold in his hand, Read more [...]

The Great Equalizer

Twenty-three: The Great Equalizer “Furthermore, Subhuti, the dharma called Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi is at one with everything else. Nothing in it is at variance with anything else. That is why it is called perfect, unexcelled awakening. It is self-idential through the absence of an ego, a person, a being, or a living soul, and that is why it is fully known as the totality of all the wholesome dharmas. And yet, Subhuti, do dharmas have been taught by the Tathagata. Such is merely a name. Read more [...]