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(13) Mara

In Buddhism and many other religions, Mara symbolizes that collective and obstructive dark force generated by dark desires and ignorance of all sentient beings. It is often a matter of speech to denote Mara as a "he", but Mara can also be known in different cultures as a "she”, it and "they". Absolute truth has only ONE face. But evil needs many faces in order to compensate for its lack of truth. The obstructive force of Mara has only one purpose and that is to keep the dreaming mind, Read more [...]

Tozen: The path of a good zen-buddhist

  The path of a good zen-buddhist demands an equal measure of grit, talent and luck. Without the hard introductory work and basics of making the monkey mind go quiescent, we will not be able to notice the essence of the most sublime and subtle dharma within us. Without talent (based on knowledge derived from the grit from previous lives) we will not be able to know what to do with that which we have before us. Much like a poor beggar holding a piece of mud-covered gold in his hand, Read more [...]