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The Great Perfection of the Unborn Mind: A Book of Privy Counseling

This is a Book of Privy Counseling for those who are called to the summit of the Great Perfection of the Unborn Mind. There are many teachings within these favorable blogs for those who find themselves along varied means of Mind-development in the Unborn, but what will commence now is among the apex of them all. The forthcoming offerings will be mostly in the form of daily short aphorisms but will also include more lengthy passages when so merited. Let this auspicious journey begin… Being Read more [...]

Unborn Mind Zen on Vulture´s peak.

Finishing the ritual sharing of the green tea, the Master put down his cup,  picked up his staff and pointed at my face.  The gesture was so fast and perfectly executed,  I failed to see where the staff started and ended up a mere inch in front of my nose as if it had materialized from a seemingly nowhere into a sudden somewhere. He said: "How do you produce the Self that is immune against any and all conditions?. Quickly, answer me now,  lest the devil enters this house!" I replied: Read more [...]

Spontaneous Illumination

Shastra on the Importance of Entering the Path of Spontaneous Awakening 1. I reverently bow before all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from the Ten Directions, as well as all Awakened Beings who espouse the Bodhimind. In composing this humble Shastra, I am aware that, indirectly, certain deficiencies may disrupt the pristine eminence of the True Nature of the Unborn Mind. If this be so, I pray that the intercession of the Blessed Tathāgata may intervene to reveal the unobstructed Buddhagnosis Read more [...]

This great mystery called Mind

When pursuing your Minds true nature, what you review as precious experience born out of decades of trial and error, is all but an illusion. Unborn Mind, primordial Mind, uncreated Mind, your true nature, cannot be bargained with, pleaded with, tricked or otherwise made to show itself to something impure, because the latter is what your Spirit imagines itself by eons of errors to be, which is something empty of truth and hence out of phase with truth absolute, which your Unborn Mind is. In Read more [...]

The Ten-Thousand Things

One who dwells in dualism, will be pursued by the ten-thousand things. Even the most negligible sniff of right and wrong, and Mind is forever lost in the stench of self-abashment. One will give-birth to the Two, be careful to not cling even to this one. With the Unborn Mind there is no defiling dust, thus the ten-thousand things have no-thing to desecrate. The greatest curse is the discriminatory, dualistic-infested mind-set. Divorced from the Root-Source, what Zen Master Ejo Read more [...]

(12) The Tathagata

The undivided and real body of the Mind, the Tathagata is unborn. This "unborn-ness", is a non-tangible and indestructible essence with a highly dynamic and animative self-nature of sheer productiveness. Was it not so you would not be able to walk and much less conceive thoughts or even enabling the "act" of talking. Yet, we should be careful in that we do not try to think of it as one self or many selves. It is by virtue hence also known as the One Mind, [Huang Po], the Buddha Mind, The Read more [...]

Obstacles that prevent Mind’s Quiescence

i.29-34 Obstacles that prevent Mind’s Quiescence 1.29 When the Sacred OṀ is invoked, one-pointedness of Mind is assured as obstacles are rendered dormant. When faithfully invoked, the Sacred OṀ induces quiescence of Mind as all outside interference is rendered mute in the face of the One and Absolute. 1.30 The failure to enter into deep-samadhis is caused by a myriad of factors, among them are: illness, fatigue, foolhardiness, excessive attachment, delusions of grandeur, resistance Read more [...]

The last great gap of Hakuin´s log bridge

There is only Unborn Mind. In Zen, as originally taught by the shining ones, this Mind is everything in terms of absolute reality, and no-thing in terms of illusion. It is people who believe the opposite that suffers. The wise students of the way, that understand and fully accept this auspicious fact professed by all Buddhas since beginningless time, uses it to transcend the confines of their corporeal body-consciousness and the illusory world linked to it. The leverage used here for said Read more [...]

Tozen: The four states of Zen bliss/samadhi by means of Tathagata Zen

  A good student asked me; "If IT (the light) is a feeling, it is not the self. Then how is uniting with a feeling the right progress (practice)? " My rather lengthy answer, which I recommend you read several times is as follows: You are referring to the second skandha (vedana-feeling/sensation) as a falsely confirming root source for the light. The fact is that it is the undivided light (Pure Mind/Unborn Mind) that is the root source of this elevated sensation (sukha) you Read more [...]

The Unborn Mind Dharani

The following is another gift from Tozen; a Dharani that protects the adept from all evil proclivities and assures proper spiritual refuge: --------------------------------------------------------------- To the adept of the Mahayana Light; Light up some good incense. Bow five times towards your shrine buddha/s at home, if you lack any external buddha statues, arise the Five Dhyani Buddhas in your Minds eye standing radiantly before you. If you see them make various mudras (spiritual sign Read more [...]