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The Ten-Thousand Things

One who dwells in dualism, will be pursued by the ten-thousand things. Even the most negligible sniff of right and wrong, and Mind is forever lost in the stench of self-abashment. One will give-birth to the Two, be careful to not cling even to this one. With the Unborn Mind there is no defiling dust, thus the ten-thousand things have no-thing to desecrate. The greatest curse is the discriminatory, dualistic-infested mind-set. Divorced from the Root-Source, what Zen Master Ejo Read more [...]

Light Triumphant

Zen Master Ejo Not fearing life and death is because of not seeing oneself. Not seeing oneself means not being self-conscious, not having a self-image. The light of great wisdom is thus impersonal, so the verse says that wisdom is Buddha. In spite of this, you think that it is a matter of loving the transitory body, which is like dew on the grass, like a floating bubble, when it comes to the great light that is your real body, you think it is an irrelevant discussion and suppose that there Read more [...]