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The Black Dragons

A Black Dragon sees with incomparable wisdom

A Black Dragon has command of Perpetual Vigilance in the Recollective Resolve read more

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Spontaneous Illumination

Shastra on the Importance of Entering the Path of Spontaneous Awakening

1. I reverently bow before all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from the Ten Directions, as well as all Awakened Beings who espouse the Bodhimind.
In composing this humble Shastra, I am aware that, indirectly, certain deficiencies may disrupt the pristine eminence of the True Nature of the Unborn Mind. If this be so, I pray that the intercession of the Blessed Tathāgata may intervene to reveal the unobstructed Buddhagnosis that will lead many to discern the undividedness of their own Bodhimind and Spirit. read more

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The Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening

The renowned teacher of Huangbo and Linzi, Dazhu Huihai lived and taught during the Tang dynasty in the late eighth century. While any official dating of his birth is unknown, he was born in Jianzhou in Southeast China and became a monk at Daozhiego in the monastery Dayun in Yuezhou. He later journeyed to Jiangxi where he studied with the great master Mazu, a disciple of the sixth patriarch Huineng, for six years. It was with Mazu that his great transformation occurred, most notably through his first meeting with the master: read more

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