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Show Me Your Sin

Your teachings neglect to speak of the nature of sin. We all have sin you know, we’re all sinners.

Oh, is that so? Show me your sin, bring it to me. read more

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The True-Self Absolute

What’s the best way to approach the Unborn Mind teachings?

You will ultimately need to jettison all-fixed traditions, ideas, and formalized modes of behavior. They will only weigh-down the Mind with needless clutter that distract from your only true resolve and that is recollecting your True-Self. read more

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Unborn Mind Zen on Vulture´s peak.

Finishing the ritual sharing of the green tea, the Master put down his cup,  picked up his staff and pointed at my face.  The gesture was so fast and perfectly executed,  I failed to see where the staff started and ended up a mere inch in front of my nose as if it had materialized from a seemingly nowhere into a sudden somewhere. read more

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The Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra (Nirvana Sutra)

While not as profound as the Avataṃsaka Sūtra, or philosophically erudite as, let us say, our recent series on the  Ratnagotravibhāgaśāstra, but certainly the Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra is the most intimate in terms of its exposition of the Buddha’s final days with his much-loved multitude of devotees; in particular with how he wanted his beloved Dharma to be understood. Dr. Tony Page says that “the sutra can be said to eclipse all others in its authority on the question of the Buddha-dhatu and Tathagatagarbha.” Before commencing to the sutra proper, this blog will focus on key elements within the Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra, most notably buddhadhātu, the Buddha-Matrix, or Tathagatagarbha, and the “True-Self”. read more

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Who, what are you?

Can you view yourself as one
whom has come to know their own true nature?
One, whom has gone beyond the senses,
whom in the gracious body of the Mind´s true light
transcended any and all views
or the most intense mortal descensions?
One whom stepped into a pure, unborn reality of the Mind
Where YOU, yes, the true YOU…
completely, perfectly
and incandescently content,
with that most luminous nature
of your own True Self?

If you apply the haze
of existence or non-existence
to it,
the delusion is complete
as a position of Mind is instantaneously born
to affirm something composed.
Your True Mind is positionless,
an absolute reality
beyond the Kingdom of Dreams,
hence the applied concept
of true self,
is like a finger pointing to this luminous Moon
where the sole power of its uncreated nature
shines unimpeded.
If you speak,
before knowing,
and believe to know something, before seeing.
Alas, once more the barrier of ignorance,
remains unbreached. read more

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Tozen: Entrance into the Absolute Reality of your True Self

If you focus on what is Mind Only, eg. Mind Unborn, no one can teach you anything of value outside the complete preview of this Mind. read more

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