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The foreverness of Zen

Nothing in this life is Zen. Not your assumed birth, nor an inevitable cessation of your present biological matrix. One´s dreams, desires, ideas, and imaginations are not Zen. Faith in Zen, or the dharma, is not Zen. This world, or … Continue reading

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The Realm of Suchness

(Hakeda) THE ESSENCE ITSELF AND THE ATTRIUBUTES OF SUCHNESS, OR THE MEANING OF MAHĀ A.The Greatness of the Essence of Suchness  [The essence of Suchness] knows no increase or decrease in ordinary men, the Hīnayānists, the bodhisattvas, or the buddhas. It … Continue reading

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(22) The Monastic Mind

monastic mind

When the mind reaches a spiritual need and maturity to contemplate its true nature, it is most wise to first try entrance into the monastery of Mind Only, which is Unborn. We call this entrance, the sangha of bodhisattvas. Entrance … Continue reading

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Tozen: What is Zen that never ceases to shine?


  It is Mind Only singing an everlasting song of suchness. To some it goes up; to others it goes down; and then again to some, it is as it is, which is more than enough. When deathless fools, soiled … Continue reading

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The Blood is the Life

Bloodstream Sermon, part 6 The concluding verses of Bodhidharma’s Bloodstream Sermon highlight that one comes face to face with two choices: the Law of Karma and Mind-Only… I only talk about seeing your nature. I don’t talk about creating karma. … Continue reading

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