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A Most Glorious Buddhafield

The author of the Book of Revelation remains veiled in mystery, although scholars mainly concur that he was a Jewish-Christian prophet living in Asia Minor as an exile on the isle of Patmos in the closing years of the first … Continue reading

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The constructing of appearances (nimitta) created by delusion is the characteristic mark of Paratantra (dependence) knowledge; the giving of names to those appearances [regarding them as real individual existences] is characteristic of the imagination. When the constructing of appearances and … Continue reading

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The Realm of Suchness

(Hakeda) THE ESSENCE ITSELF AND THE ATTRIUBUTES OF SUCHNESS, OR THE MEANING OF MAHĀ A.The Greatness of the Essence of Suchness  [The essence of Suchness] knows no increase or decrease in ordinary men, the Hīnayānists, the bodhisattvas, or the buddhas. It … Continue reading

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The Three Bodies of the Tathagata

(Yampolsky)  “Good friends, you must all with your own bodies receive the precepts of formlessness and recite in unison what I am about to say. It will make you see the threefold body of the Buddha in your own selves. ‘I … Continue reading

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