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What happens when we die?

What happens when we die?

This is a nonsensical question when it comes to the Self-Absolute where it all becomes perfectly clear. Ask yourself, who is present to die? Is there really anything left behind? The Self-Absolute was never born and so can never die. read more

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The Fifth Tower: The Silkworm

By now one can realize that Teresa’s Interior Castle is a treatise on profound Unitive Mysticism. What she has been revealing are the later stages of the interior spiritual life. The final stages correspond to the fifth, sixth and seventh dwelling places. While the Fourth Tower was about a transitional phase from active to passive contemplation, this glorious Fifth Tower designates what Teresa refers to as the beginning of the Divine Union, or Absolute Illumination. According to her, ones task belies any form of adequate human communication for what IT is truly like: read more

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The foreverness of Zen

Nothing in this life is Zen. Not your assumed birth, nor an inevitable cessation of your present biological matrix. read more

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Why Birth, Why Death?

Having now covered a healthy dose of this series on the Sagathakam, you may have observed that many of these gathas (verses) are repetitious in nature. It’s as if the Sagathakam is one long spiritual exercise for students of the Lanka and that elements of its composition was not composed by just one scribe, but several. Since the Sagathakam basically covers the most prominent themes found within the Lanka, these different scribes composed many variations based on the same themes. In this fashion, the diligent and astute adept would be sure to memorize what was essential to the integrity of the Lanka as a whole. read more

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Death Be Not Final

Came across this. Food for contemplation. Imagine one’s “consciousness” being transported to “the Cloud” for all eternity? What’s to become of rebirth? read more

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Cutting down the tree of birth, death and rebirth

Unless you are completely disenchanted with the cycle of birth, death and rebirth at the deepest level of your subconsciousness, the sublime and liberating light of the Buddhadharma will be lost on you. read more

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(38) Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time you were this tiny child

With a big smile and a radiant heart

Death, was unknown and never a painful thought read more

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(2) No Birth, No Death

If your true self is Un-born it will not experience death.
There is no true birth, there is no true death. Only imagined and
experienced as very real through the awesome force of the Unborn Mind
that is caught within its own creation by its own sustaining and
powerful habit-energy. read more

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This is another excerpt from the 1909 work, The Path of Light. By today’s standards the language is archaic, yet unlike today’s standards it has not been intellectualized and neutered and watered-down from its full import; yes, there was a time when the message was clear and not afraid to voice the eternal truths…there’s true passion in them thar words… read more

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On Death


People generally have the wrong idea about living and dying at will. They think it means that someone decides on one day that he will die on the next, or that he predicts the day and month in the following year when he is to die and then does indeed die a natural death on that date, or they think it means the ability to extend one’s lifetime so many days or months. read more

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