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To Tell the Truth

For Baby-Boomers the old TV Game-Show, To Tell the Truth, has some fond memories, in particular during its Black & White heydays from the mid-50’s into the mid-60’s. Its inception runs as follows: read more

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The delinquent mind

Evola’s take on “Conditioned Genesis”, or the elements that make up the twelve stages of dependent origination, was that its ongoing perpetuation is by and large “invisible” to sentient beings that remain unawares. At first, Siddhartha was reluctant to reveal it: read more

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A Fiery Thirst

Evola next tackles the issue of Samsaric Consciousness. Self-consumption in samsara consists of the angst and continuum of lived experience; self-consumption is always flavored with momentary bits of consciousness that always return to the dark hole of impermanence. This is a great metaphor for the world of incessant becoming, one that is unsubstantial in nature. Everything in this inadequate globule is always contingent upon something else—thus dependently originated. The root science that investigates this tenuous affair is the breakdown of the Skandhas (Skt), or Khandhas (Pali): read more

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(2) No Birth, No Death

If your true self is Un-born it will not experience death.
There is no true birth, there is no true death. Only imagined and
experienced as very real through the awesome force of the Unborn Mind
that is caught within its own creation by its own sustaining and
powerful habit-energy. read more

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Avoid that Pain!

The Way out of Suffering

ii.16 Liberation from Dukkha

2.16 Future Karmic Pain can be prevented.

This focuses on the Buddha’s third Noble Truth: the way out of dukkha is possible. This is the diagnosis and it’s a good one. It even holds true for past karma. While the outcome could never be altered, the pain can be alleviated, provided that the yogin/yogini has sufficient bodhi-strength empowering them to overcome the associated karmic factors involved. read more

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The Cult of the Dead

In the Karmadhatu Dukkha is Inevitable

ii.15 The Discriminatory mind is the root of all pain

Fascination with things like the “Walking Dead and Zombies” has been around for quite awhile. Back in 1932 there was a film with Bela Lugosi entitled, “White Zombie”, which has become a cult classic. During the 1950’s there were films like “The Invisible Invaders” with John Carradine and John Agar, a story about invaders from Outer Space taking up residence in the corpses of human beings. It was one of my “Saturday Matinee” favorites on the ol’ black and white Tube as a kid in the ‘60s. Then in 1968 came “Night of the Living Dead”, which is really the old grand-dad of Flesh-eating Zombie types, like the little girl who eventually munched away on her parents. This film spawned many more throughout the years, like “Day of the Dead”, “Dawn of the Dead”, ect. But the one that seems to hold the greatest fascination in recent years is the AMC continuing series, “The Walking Dead.” People are really into these “animated-corpse” types of subject matter; there are even people going around getting dressed-up in Ghoul-makeup and having their own personal “zombie weddings”. Why all the fascination with this kind of phenomena? Is it just merely another passing fad? One would hope so. But perhaps there’s another form of metaphor at work here, one that this next sutra by Patañjali can help us with. read more

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