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The Three Gunas

*10.12 The Atman has no beginnings nor any of the discriminating characteristics of the three gunas. Though it apparently dwells in the body, Arjuna, IT is not the doer, nor does it give birth, nor is IT affected by any actions.  The Unborn Lord sustains the human-construct but also allows it either full liberty, or to identify itself in the temporal fields of the composed. The motionless-Lord is unaffected by creature-motives and thus is transcendent from all limiting attributes. 10.13 Read more [...]


9.11 The immature worldlings fail to look beyond material-appearance of my True Imageless-Nature THAT is the Unborn Lord of All. 9.12 Their shallow-reason is warped and their insolent-actions are wasteful as they fall-prey to a seductively-fiendish and demonic nature. These two stanzas are reflective of those who impudently-embrace the predominance of the guna (tamas) or ignorance—which is also the notorious nature of demons. Also concerning those who have an excess of the guna (rajas), Read more [...]

The Cult of the Dead

In the Karmadhatu Dukkha is Inevitable ii.15 The Discriminatory mind is the root of all pain Fascination with things like the “Walking Dead and Zombies” has been around for quite awhile. Back in 1932 there was a film with Bela Lugosi entitled, “White Zombie”, which has become a cult classic. During the 1950’s there were films like “The Invisible Invaders” with John Carradine and John Agar, a story about invaders from Outer Space taking up residence in the corpses of human beings. Read more [...]