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Nine: Mysterium Regium

A Most Confidential Gnosis 9.1 The Blessed Unborn Lord said: Arjuna, since you are not envious of me I shall now reveal to you the most Royal-Gnosis. Combining this gnosis with Divine Self-Realization, you will be liberated from even the worst wrong-doing. 9.2 This is the Mysterium Regium—a Majestic Science. It is a most intuitive-gnosis, joyous in its revelation and unchanging. 9.3 Those without sincere faith in this Holy Dharma will never realize My Essential-Self and are thus doomed Read more [...]

Seven: Gnosis of the Absolute

The Cosmic Necklace 7.1 Thus spoke the Blessed One: Arjuna, devote your whole-self to me and practice the Divine Unborn Yoga. In so doing take me as your exclusive-refuge; it is only in this solemn fashion that you can truly know me as your Supreme Self. 7.2 I will reveal to you the direct-gnosis which will openly reveal to you the inner Self-realization of Noble Truths, besides which no-thing more need be known. If a yogin merely practices meditation-techniques without also offering Read more [...]

Where The Wild Things Are

iv. 12-17 The Characteristics of Things 4.12 The Past and Future exists with the momentum on the playing field of Prakriti (the full spectrum and fundamental (natural) matter of Mind materialization). From the Charles Johnson commentary: Here we come to a high and difficult matter, which has always been held to be of great moment in the Eastern wisdom: the thought that the division of time into past, present and future is, in great measure, an illusion; that past, present, future all Read more [...]

Mutational Maturations

iii. 11-15 Sequences of Transformation 3.11 Samādhi parināma A Transformational Alteration between the distracted mind-stuff and One-Pointedness. A new focal position of Mind development as the mind-stuff mutates into pure and direct centeredness in the Unborn. 3.12 Ekāgratā parināma Transformation within One-Pointedness itself wherein mental activity and silence come into a balanced position; the Yogin is now oblivious to all passing phenomena—resembling that of focusing on Read more [...]