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Modes of Liberation

At the beginning of Part II of Chapter Seven a discussion arises as to the exact nature of “the hidden treasury”. The Real Treasury of the Tathagatas was covered in Chapter Three with the quote from Zen Master Keizan’s Transmission of Light: “I have the treasury of the eye of truth, the ineffable mind of nirvana.” The Blessed One explains to Kāśyapa the inner-core of this realization: Chapter Seven: Part Two (Mark L. Blum translation): Good man, if a man was physically disabled, Read more [...]

This is the destiny of most sentient minds…

Desire-Thought-Function. The creation of one enables the latter, ad-infinitum. From the first to the last and from the last back to the first. This is depicted in the image above showing the minds many, many ways and ability to manifest this process in its countless permutations, all of them without the slightest flaw, or mercy, prolonging the presence of Samsara and not Nirvana in the mind´s  own reality, the Dharmakaya. Hence where there is Dharmakaya, the mind sees and experiences Samsara Read more [...]

The Zen of your own-being

Om svabhava suddha sarva dharma svabhava suddho’ham. [1] Character is nothing, own-being is everything. Thus, such is the path of enlightenment  that a being of good merit should choose not to foster character but unveil the clear light of their own-being to themselves. Where the former is solely based on  the interdependent origination of arising and cessating  conditions, the latter is clear light. Where one is mere illusion of appearances, the other is a solid reality of imagelessness and Read more [...]

Cutting down the tree of birth, death and rebirth

            Unless you are completely disenchanted with the cycle of birth, death and rebirth at the deepest level of your subconsciousness, the sublime and liberating light of the Buddhadharma will be lost on you. Tozen Read more [...]

Towards a Psychology of the Māras, Part I

             The Sacred India Tarot At the outset here one needs to be aware that the context in which Māra(s) is spoken is mythic in scope. Far more than any cognitively-based amalgams of collective-experiences shared in the human psyche—this mythos is more-than-human. It involves cosmic-forces that have been around longer than the early dawn of mankind’s limited evolutionary experiences. As Robert Warren Clark states in his excellent Dissertation, Māra: Psychopathology and Evil Read more [...]

Does One Size Fit All?

“At that time innumerable thousands of myriads of koṭis of sentient beings approach the Buddha and listen to his teaching. Then the Tathāgata, perceiving the faculties of sentient beings—whether they are sharp or dull, diligent or idle—explains the teachings according to their capacities in a variety of immeasurable ways, gladdening and benefiting them all. “Having heard his teaching, all of these beings are at peace in this world and are born into a good existence in the future. Read more [...]

(7) Liberation

How may one attain enlightenment and liberation from suffering in this very life of imprisonment? If you wish a clear answer and understanding, then pay close attention to the following: Let the Unborn Mind Essence unfold itself on its own accord… Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of being nor non-being. Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of sensation nor non-sensation. Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of thought nor non-thought. Do Read more [...]

Transcendent Liberation From Rebirth

4.9 The Yogin who recollects that I am their Divine Unborn Self need not fear being reborn. Being mindful that the Divine Unborn-Self is Liberation Itself is the reassurance that one’s own body-consciousness, tied to the wheel of perpetual rebirth, can now be extinguished forever. 4.10 One may enter and find refuge in my Divine Self because their being has become purified through yogic austerities that directly lead to the Self Realization of Noble Wisdom—the divine key to Liberation. Read more [...]

You are Not your Pain

ii.17-24 Identification with Phenomena is the Cause of Pain 2.17 When The Self Yokes with Everything It is Not. When the Self so totally over-identifies and yokes with everything in the phenomenal world It is Not, then It becomes It’s own executioner. “I am my thoughts; my body”, “I am my personal problems”, “I am exclusively a product of my genetic make-up, my family, my occupation in life.” There needs to be a substitution with Ensō in the equation: when Mind Recollects Read more [...]

Avoid that Pain!

The Way out of Suffering ii.16 Liberation from Dukkha 2.16 Future Karmic Pain can be prevented. This focuses on the Buddha’s third Noble Truth: the way out of dukkha is possible. This is the diagnosis and it’s a good one. It even holds true for past karma. While the outcome could never be altered, the pain can be alleviated, provided that the yogin/yogini has sufficient bodhi-strength empowering them to overcome the associated karmic factors involved. Everyone is allotted assorted Read more [...]