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Towards a Psychology of the Māras, Part I

             The Sacred India Tarot At the outset here one needs to be aware that the context in which Māra(s) is spoken is mythic in scope. Far more than any cognitively-based amalgams of collective-experiences shared in the human psyche—this mythos is more-than-human. It involves cosmic-forces that have been around longer than the early dawn of mankind’s limited evolutionary experiences. As Robert Warren Clark states in his excellent Dissertation, Māra: Psychopathology and Evil Read more [...]

Particles of the Oscillating Mind

Particles of the Oscillating Mind i.5-11 There are five encumbrances that induce mind oscillations: commonly accepted ideations; adverse conceptionalities; cognitive fantasies; sleep; memory  1.5    The five encumbrances may or may not cause distress  1.6    Ordinary consciousness is littered with the five aforementioned oscillations: Pramana (conventional abstractions), Viparyayah (propagandized sources that create adverse functionality), Vikalpa (self-inflicted mind fabrications), Read more [...]