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At that time, Wise Protector, a youth, joined his palms respectfully, bowed down with his head at the Buddha’s feet, and said to him, “World-Honored One, you always take pity on all sentient beings and hold them in your embrace and protection. I wish to ask a few questions. May the World-Honored One grant me permission.” read more

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The Elucidation of Consciousness

After seven years we now return again to our series based on the large compendium of the Māhāratnakūṭa Sutra. Subjects previously covered have been Akṣhobhya’s Pure Land, Mañjuśrī Teaches Prajñāpāramita, and The True Lion’s Roar of Queen Śrīmālā. Our present one is The Elucidation of Consciousness. read more

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Out of Consciousness

Why do you always cast consciousness in a negative light?

The state of the body consciousness is not synonymous with the Unborn; the Unborn is prior to it and in no way, shape, or form, resembles a state. Consciousness pertains to existence and existence is a reflection of consciousness. In this mode, existence is the superimposition of consciousness upon the Unborn… read more

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Death Be Not Final

Came across this. Food for contemplation. Imagine one’s “consciousness” being transported to “the Cloud” for all eternity? What’s to become of rebirth? read more

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The Yogācarā Connection


c. The Relationships Between Enlightenment and Nonenlightenment 

Two relationships exist between the enlightened and nonenlightened states. They are “identity” and “nonidentity.”  read more

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Mind as Māyā


 B. The Mind in Terms of Phenomena

  1. The Storehouse Consciousness

 The Mind as phenomena (saāra) is grounded on the Tathāgatagarbha. read more

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Thought Transmutations

iv. 4-6 Consciousness Expansion

4.4 The “I” Consciousness expands only the Individuated Ego.

The process of Individuation is ego-centered (Nirmana chittani—individualized mind-stuff) and ultimately results in bondage to material-thought constructions. Thus, all meditation practices (sadhana) that attempt to cultivate Samadhi through any ego-centered fabrications are forever doomed to fail. An example of this is various New-Age type elements that only attempt to enhance and glorify the false-material-image through whatever means possible. read more

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The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali

Book IV: Self-Completion

In Yoga the world is Real (not illusory, as it is for example in the Vendanta). Nevertheless, although the world exists and endures, it owes this to the “ignorance” of the spirit: The innumerable forms of the Cosmos, as well as their methods of manifestation and development, exist only to the degree to which the spirit, the Self (purusha), is ignorant of itself and, by reason of this ignorance of a metaphysical nature, suffers and is subjugated. At the exact instant when the last Self shall have found its freedom, the whole of creation will be reabsorbed into the primordial substance. (Mircea Eliade) read more

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What a Fool Believes

The Lanka places a great premium on the nature of perceptions—what a fool believes he sees or does not see, i.e., existence or non-existence. It also reinforces again and again that the Tathagatas are free from all these discriminations, even going beyond the attempt to render their very “existence” and accompanying afflictions as somehow being nonexistent, their “teaching does not [even] recognize the [very] existence of afflictions much less their annihilation. To Hui-k’o, bodhidharma said, “Show me this mind of yours, and I will calm it for you.” (Red Pine, pg.176) The Noble truth of self-realization is totally beyond all dualistic categories. It’s all about an “inner-perception”, or “undivided” awareness: “the way of attainment refers to the distinctive characteristics of personal realization that transcend the projections of speech and words, that lead to the passionless realm and the stages marked by self-awareness, that are free from erroneous speculations, that overcome the maras of other paths, and that shine forth from inner awareness.” (Red Pine, pg.179) As seen through the lens of UnbornMind Zen, this is the route wherein Mind reclaims (Recollects) the Nirvanic Element of Its True Nature. read more

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