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You have been locked-away in a dark closet since immeasurable time itself. All it takes is just a thin layer of Unborn light to prick a pinhole in the darkened fabric so that your being is instantly flooded with an effervescent wonderment. Time to come out of that cramped, if slovenly comfortable quarters, into the miracle that awaits you as the widened-whole of existence suddenly sparkles in the fresh air of illuminating freedom. Now miraculously you ARE the light, issuing-forth a crystalline Read more [...]

What a Fool Believes

The Lanka places a great premium on the nature of perceptions—what a fool believes he sees or does not see, i.e., existence or non-existence. It also reinforces again and again that the Tathagatas are free from all these discriminations, even going beyond the attempt to render their very “existence” and accompanying afflictions as somehow being nonexistent, their “teaching does not [even] recognize the [very] existence of afflictions much less their annihilation. To Hui-k’o, bodhidharma Read more [...]