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The Silkworm

Pamela slowly opened her eyes, feeling groggy and disoriented. She blinked a few times, trying to adjust to the dim light of the room. As she sat up, she realized that something was very wrong. Her body felt strange, as if it had been stretched and elongated. She looked down at herself and gasped in horror. read more

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The Fifth Tower: The Silkworm

By now one can realize that Teresa’s Interior Castle is a treatise on profound Unitive Mysticism. What she has been revealing are the later stages of the interior spiritual life. The final stages correspond to the fifth, sixth and seventh dwelling places. While the Fourth Tower was about a transitional phase from active to passive contemplation, this glorious Fifth Tower designates what Teresa refers to as the beginning of the Divine Union, or Absolute Illumination. According to her, ones task belies any form of adequate human communication for what IT is truly like: read more

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