Incessant change is the product of a Self-empty World,
All arising and cessating out of sheer ignorance.

If you attempt to search for the true in this phantasmagoria,
False will be your opinionated and deluded companions.

Life is experiencing a phantasmagoric voyage while drinking a karma-float. This kaleidoscope-reality of samsara is nothing but shifting scenes littered with backdrops that bear the impression of lost joys and loves and hopes; while taking the next spin on the carousel at the carnival of souls, awaiting the arrival of Charon’s boat along the shores of sorrow. Of course there will be a regeneration of more of the same ol’ same ol’, albeit in different form but the same decaying pattern. And Jesus was asked in this diurnal environment, “and what is the Truth?” And the response was only a cold and deathly-silence. What else could he say? Searching for the truth on this chimeric-world is like grasping for something enduring through the leaking sands of the hour-glass. And truly false are those opinionated and deluded companions who believe their own half-truths of what is truly Real. There is no Real Truth outside of Deathless-Suchness and no Suchness outside the Unborn. What is born will one day decay and perish; THAT which is Unborn is Uncreated, Uncomposed, and Undying. The price of remaining deluded will be more of the same ol’ sucking on that ol’ karma-float. What price—Truth? Abandoning all the myriad obstructions that bar the way to the entrance of the Infinite—how else to welcome the UNborn’s Deathless Element of Truth?

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