(18) Now


You are in truth, pure light.
No more, no less.
The only reality of this light is NOW and nothing else.

Do not mistake this, NOW, to be the temporal moments of your body-consciousness, for its true nature eludes the three times of the evil one.

This NOW and this light knows no time and hence no birth or death.
All the treasures and all the wisdom of what your true nature contains are solely found in this light for you are beyond all doubt, this light and this light is the true you, not that corporeal heap of thoughts, desires and errors looking back at you in the mirror of your present self-ignorance.

It is solely because of your inseparable oneness with this light you have the ability to divide it, as to appear being something It is not, hence arising in yourself the sensation and perception of being something you are not.

To find the true nature of this light you have but to look firmly into your own self.
Beyond the self-empty garbage you have stored since beginningless time.
Beyond the memories of countless empty moments and there, through the haze of the corrupting body-consciousness, allow this light to naturally recognize itself and thus allow,THAT,which you truly are, SEE its true self in an instant.

The enlightenment of this NOW brings forth the undivided awareness power of what you truly are, even before the birth of your next thought or the universe itself.

Only in this here and now, is the REAL heart of zen found truly alive, revealing the sheer productiveness of this noble light now openly and freely available by the awakened Mind for auspicious deeds in perfect union with its, pure will, its real nature, which comes through the dividing presence of the five skandhas and their many poisons that used to cloud yourself and any real potentiality found therein.

This light recognized by yourself as your true self, is also the true taste of permanence which nothing can touch or cause decay, pain or suffering.

By certain reasons the Buddhas chose to name the ability, to effortlessly abide in its boundless and pure body…


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