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(D) Benediction

The priest of the Five Dhyanī Buddhas also is united with their Primal Source; thus Vajrasattva is esoterically representative of Samantabhadra Ādi-Buddha, the Unborn and Imageless Dharmakaya element. As the Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva draws to a close, this Primordial Representation is appropriately revealed in the Benediction, with a primary-focal tool being utilized—the imageless-mirror encased in decorative form atop a Lotus-stand: read more

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Fifteen: Benediction


“If a good disciple, whether man or woman, in the morning, at noonday, and at eventide, sacrificed lives innumerable as the sands of the Ganges, and thus without intermission throughout infinite ages; and if another disciple, hearing this Scripture proclaimed, steadfastly believed it, his felicity would be appreciably greater than the other. But how much greater must be the felicity of a disciple who transcribes the sacred text, observes its precepts, studies its Laws, and repeats the Scripture that others may be edified thereby?” read more

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