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An Auspicious Gathering

Thus have I heard. Once the Buddha was staying in the city of Rājagṛha, on the mountain called Gṛdhrakūṭa, together with a great assembly of twelve thousand monks, all of whom were arhats whose corruption was at an end, who were free from the confusion of desire, who had achieved their own goals, shattered the bonds of existence, and attained complete mental discipline. Their names were Ājnātakauṇḍinya, Mahākāśyapa, Uruvilvakāśyapa, Gayākāśyapa, Nadīkāśyapa, Śāriputra, Read more [...]

The Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva

  The Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva FIVE: THE DIVINE LITURGY OF VAJRASATTVA *This section is divided into sub-groups and is too long for any single post. First up: (A) LITURGY OF THE LOGOS* * Meaning the expression of the animating principle as revealed through Sacred Actions and the “Word” of Sacred Sutras, Zen texts, Zen teachings, ect… Structure of Liturgy: 1. Gathering: the assembly gathers round the Ritual/Meditation space. The Space itself is comprised of a circular-altar Read more [...]