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The All-Pervading Spirit

6.30 Recognizing everything as the manifestation of the One Light, one will never lose sight of the all-pervading Spirit. read more

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26. Maturation

Vairochana’s Vantagepoint

Spiritual Maturity consists in the great buildup of divine virtues that arise in Wisdom’s Ascension from the Mountain of Primordial Perfection: Vairochana’s Vantagepoint from Amoghasiddhi’s Primordial Mount. The Noble One studiously assimilates the tutelage of ancient sages and pays ongoing respect and reverence for the Holy Dharma of old. read more

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21. Diligence

Amitabha’s Alertness

The hexagram represents a clenching-tightly, as if biting-through with the teeth. The matter at hand must be pursued to the end in diligent equipoise: Amitabha’s perpetual burning flame of alertness. This is extending action within the framework of hard-won attentiveness and a thorough digestion of all the elements involved. read more

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