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In conjunction with earlier blogs in this series, Patañjali’s work does not beat around the bush—there needs to be a daily purification of the sattva, of one’s being. If not undertaken, future karmic seeds will continue to run amok. Mircea Eliade writes eloquently about being conditioned and governed by the seeds of karma: read more

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iii. 3. First-range Samadhi

3.3 Total Mind Absorption

Swami Venkatesananda translates this sutra as:

When the field of observation and the observing intelligence merges as if their own form is abolished and the total intelligence shines as the sole substance or reality, there is pure choiceless awareness without the divided identity of the observer and the observed – that is illumination. read more

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Mircea Eliade on Spirit, Suffering and Yoga

In researching this present series on Patañjali I’ve been utilizing numerous resources. By far the most profound is Mircea Eliade’s Yoga, Immortality and Freedom. I feel it indispensable to reproduce in full the following section from his text as it sheds light on our most recent blog, “Divorced from the Cross of Matter.” Eliade is shedding light on the Nature of Spirit (as noted within Saṃkhya-Yoga) and its interesting how one could draw parallels within the scope of Unborn Mind Zen: read more

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