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In conjunction with earlier blogs in this series, Patañjali's work does not beat around the bush—there needs to be a daily purification of the sattva, of one’s being. If not undertaken, future karmic seeds will continue to run amok. Mircea Eliade writes eloquently about being conditioned and governed by the seeds of karma: This means that every action whose point of departure is illusion (that is, which is based on ignorance, the confusion between Spirit and non-Spirit) is either the consummation Read more [...]

Karma and Rebirth

This January series will be a systematic study on Karma and Rebirth. We will consider the topic from many different perspectives, essentially broken down in the following schemata: Vedic Origins Early Buddhist Unborn Bhagavad Gita The Yogasūtras of Patañjali Mahayana and Yogacara Dependent Origination and the Tibetan View While the definition of Karma will be a comprehensive one, it is best at this junction to construct a working delineation: A volitional action (ontologically Read more [...]

Karmic Triggers

iv. 7-11 The Dance of Karma 4.7 The Advanced Yogin is Free from all Karmic Obstructions; all others experience a mix- match of good and evil. Book IV focuses on those Advanced Yogins who are now free from avidya, and hence no longer make ignorant choices that lead to dark karmic consequences. For those in whom avidya remains deeply ingrained, the karmic dance continues to be a variable one, all mixed with both pleasure and pain—the mad schizoid dance of the ordinary body consciousness. Read more [...]