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Shredding Conceptualizations

Our next chapter clarifies the nature of ultimate meaning (paramārtha) in the panache of the Prajñāpāramitā. This method shreds all conceptionalities since they are mere inventions that are self-empty and thus lack any Real Substance [Core-Essence] or svabhāva. Chapter Two: Clarification of Ultimate Truth (JK) At that time the Bodhisattva Vidhivatpariprcchaka questioned the Bodhisattva Gambhīrārthasamdhinirmocana in the presence of the Buddha, and said: "Son of the Victor, it is Read more [...]

(37) Alpha and Omega

Oh how wonderful how indescribable, It is there… It has always been there! All one had to do was to surrender completely… To lay down every sense of pride… Every wish to live or die…. Now peace, is finally here. No more fears, no more sorrows As the journey finally reaches its end… All this pain and all those brief lustful moments are but long forgotten dreams. Foolish indeed, To ever doubt this eternal Source Which in its spaceless singularity Radiates Read more [...]

Some Limitations

Completion of Book III iii. 50-55 Avoidance of Spiritual Downfalls 3.50 Dispassion towards the Siddhic Powers must be assured lest the yogin succumb to the pride of a grandiose spirit. Our series on The Śūrańgama Sūtra forewarned what would befall a spiritual adept if one succumbed to the temptations that lie in ambush over the unwary mind, regardless of the spiritual attainments. Indeed, the closer one gets to the proximity of the heights of Noble Spiritual Consciousness, all the more Read more [...]

The Demons of Sensation

  "Ananda, when the good person who is cultivating samadhi and shamatha has put an end to the form skandha, he can see the mind of all Buddhas as if seeing an image reflected in a clear mirror. "He seems to have obtained something, but he cannot use it. In this he resembles a paralyzed person. His hands and feet are intact, his seeing and hearings are not distorted, and yet his mind has come under a deviant influence, so that he is unable to move. This is the region of the feeling Read more [...]