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Shredding Conceptualizations

Our next chapter clarifies the nature of ultimate meaning (paramārtha) in the panache of the Prajñāpāramitā. This method shreds all conceptionalities since they are mere inventions that are self-empty and thus lack any Real Substance [Core-Essence] or svabhāva. read more

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(37) Alpha and Omega

Oh how wonderful
how indescribable,

It is there…

It has always been there!

All one had to do was
to surrender completely… read more

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Some Limitations

Completion of Book III

iii. 50-55 Avoidance of Spiritual Downfalls

3.50 Dispassion towards the Siddhic Powers must be assured lest the yogin succumb to the pride of a grandiose spirit. read more

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The Demons of Sensation

“Ananda, when the good person who is cultivating samadhi and shamatha has put an end to the form skandha, he can see the mind of all Buddhas as if seeing an image reflected in a clear mirror. read more

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