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The Greatest Liberation

Before concluding this series on Evola the inclusion of one more “technique” of mind development is in order since it synchronistically ties-in with one from our last series, one that is concerned with “Nimitta—a  particularized focal-point, or a ‘brilliant light’ that becomes the singularity (to the exclusion of all other phenomena) within the Mind’s Eye.” This process of identification produces isolation of the mind not only from physical impressions but also from one's own Read more [...]

(37) Alpha and Omega

Oh how wonderful how indescribable, It is there… It has always been there! All one had to do was to surrender completely… To lay down every sense of pride… Every wish to live or die…. Now peace, is finally here. No more fears, no more sorrows As the journey finally reaches its end… All this pain and all those brief lustful moments are but long forgotten dreams. Foolish indeed, To ever doubt this eternal Source Which in its spaceless singularity Radiates Read more [...]

A Hard Day’s Night

Deep looks upon Deep as the Singular-Whole, And all External Associations are rendered Mute. The ten-thousand things coalesce with Essential-Sameness, You and the Dharmakaya are strangers no more. When opposites contract into undivided singularity, The long days of comparison are over. Movement ceases and action is extrinsic, Yet when activity is abandoned, the nights of restlessness ensue. When the Deep recognizes the Deep AS ITSELF, the Realm of Singularity prevails. All former Read more [...]